We’re almost there! Let’s seesaw for C-SaW!

Dear skeptic & atheist community,

It’s been an insane ride trying to create Las Vegas’s first sustainable skeptic & atheist community center, but we’re almost there! Thanks to your support, our humble, chaotic, nonprofit startup that dreamed of providing the benefits of church buildings without religion or indoctrination almost has enough sustaining members to ensure we can renew our lease and continue to expand and grow!

To make sure that happens, we’re announcing Seesaw for C-SaW: A 24 hour, nonstop membership pledge drive during which Founder Kevin R Breen will lives stream from a seesaw in the theater. There will be a rotating cast of guests and volunteers joining on the C-SaW, but Kevin will not eat, sleep, or get off the seesaw* for 24 hours, and even then, he will ONLY get off the seesaw if C-SaW is FULLY funded!

Help us make sure we can renew our lease, keep growing, and not let Kevin die on the seesaw!

Click here to pre-pledge for the seesaw-athon!

We have a $3,000/month budget at C-SaW, about 1/3 of which is reliably pulled in through event and venue use. The other 2,000 has to be raised by our sustaining members, and we’re almost there!