Our Motto

The Center for Science and Wonder is a radically inclusive non religious community center that provides a safe dedicated event space to celebrate the spirit of human inquiry and creative expression.

The 501(c)3 nonprofit startup, Center for Science & Wonder is

  • Giving Las Vegas SKEPTICS & ATHEISTS the benefits of churches, temples, etc.,
  • With a hyper-efficient, flexible startup model
  • That serves as the base in Las Vegas to improve and grow the venue
    And a clear handbook for starting and funding a skeptic & atheist center in any city that wants one.

But why do we need a skeptic & atheist center?

  • Religious attendance correlates, with better health, happiness, and lower suicide rates.
  • Nevada is 28% non-religious and ranks among the highest for depression & suicide.
  • Researchers controlling for attendance find religious belief isn’t the source of the benefits. It’s the community participation.
  • We don’t have to throw out the baby with the bathwater: Research is suggesting nonreligious community participation gives people those same benefits.
  • Plus, it’s FUN! Check out the events on Facebook or our calendar to see what cool things are coming up! And of course, you can book the venue or start your own event!